News at BERG METALLCHEM – Interview of

Mr. Horațiu Vermeșan, Executive Director ANAZ


News at BERG METALLCHEM SRL – Centrifugal hot dip galvanizing for small parts

Interview of Mr. Horațiu Vermeșan – Executive Director ANAZ,

with Mr. Virgiliu Vițan – Executive Director BERG METALLCHEM SRL


H.V. – We understand that the centrifugal hot dip galvanizing plant, capable of galvanizing series production of nails with a diameter beginning woth 2mm, is a novelty for Romania. What determines you to make this investmend and why GALVANIZED NAILS?

V.V. – The equipment we have is technologically the most advanced in Southeastern Europe, capable of galvanizing a wide range of small products. Its adaptability to the working regime for hot dip galvanizing of series nail production has brought significant costs. In the first quarter of the year, we decided to offer Romania and the region an opportunity that the western markets already have for a few years: to give the customers the opportunity to use for their projects hot dip galvanized nails, with a coating of over 55µm.


H.V. – Do you think there is a market in Romania for this product?

V.V. – For us, the things started with an external collaboration with one of the biggest producers in this field, but the potential of the romanian market is also important. In Romania there are about 10 nails producers and the quantities they produce are important. We have nails producers with a production capacity of over 1.000 tons/month and yet the market has not had an romanian offer for hot dip galvanized nails. Exceptions are made in a few cases of imported hot dip galvanized nails, marketed by some big DIY stores and by some specialized suppliers (eg.: roofing providers).


H.V. – Whot do you expect from your investment?

V.V. – The expectations are that the market will react well, that the customers will understand that the price difference between an unprotected nails and a hot dip galvanized nail is insignificant small compared to the advantages that a hot dip galvanized assembled organ brings. In Romania, it is already a habit to see galvanized structures exposed in all infrastructure areas and cities. What we need to do now is to bring this concept to a more personalized fase and detailed level. It is up to us on how quickly we align us to the mentality that puts forefront the sustainability and cost related to the lifetime of the product. We expect that the romanian market also shifts to the more frequent use of the hot dip galvanized nails and collated using a pneumatic hammer.

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H.V. – What are the company’s plans to raise the awareness of potential markets?

V.V. – First of all, we invite the nail producers to have the curiosity to visit us, to convince themselves of the good quality of hot dip galvanizing, to find together ways of collaboration. The market has to be informed about technological novelties, has to be educated in their application. The success in business is on the side of the visionaries, those oriented towards the new, to the future.