With an experience of over 20 years in the production of zinc oxide, projecting and manufacturing various industrial equipments for the production of zinc oxide, projecting and production of equipment for hot dip galvanizing, zinc recovery of waste from the galvanizing process (ashes and dross), our company is at your disposition with the following products:

  • Zinc oxide production equipments:

– Oxydation and melting ovens

– Cyclons

– Filters

  • Melting equipment for Zn ashes and Zn dross for zinc extraction and production;
  • Hot dip galvanizing equipments.

With an inventive projecting department and experienced specialists in the production of specific equipment, our company is at your service for creating and producing equipment as requested by your specific needs.

Complete ZnO production line

It is  a full line, designed to produce ZnO by “french method”. It consists of oxidation oven, vacuum and distribution piping, fan, filter and cyclone, zinc ash smelting oven.

The Zinc Oxide line produces different purities of ZnO,  according  on the settings of operating cycle, with a production capacity of 40~ 50 to./month.


ZnO production furnace

The ZnO production furnace  is a high performance oven designed to produce ZnO, with a production estimated between 40 and 50 tons/month.

The oven can be used also for Zinc dross distillation in order to obtain Zinc CC(98%).

Tilting melting furnace

Destination: Melting of rich in Zinc smelting residues (dross, grains) in order to transfer liquid metal to the production ZnO furnaces.
It is an oven that works independently, able to serve through a pot or directly transfer one or more ovens for ZnO production.
ADVANTAGES: The tilting facility offers a wide range of masses that can charge the oven. In coordination with the ZnO production furnace, it can increase its production capacity by approximately 20%.


Rotary oven for melting zinc ash

Destination: Metallurgical zinc extraction (CC) from zinc ashes.
ADVANTAGES: The  zinc recovery is well balanced with loads of over a ZnO production lots.
It can increase the production capacity by  approximately 20%.
For companies who have this type of waste (hot dip galvanizing units), the oven can be a business in itself, being able to contribute to the saving of raw material, namely Zn.
It must be mentioned that the residual material after processing is a salable product, leading effectively to ”zero” the  technological losses!